Divorce and separation are realities for many people of all income and age. Once the decision is made, many want the process over with as soon as possible– but finances cannot be overlooked. Including a firm like Liu & Associates will ensure all division of assets will be fair with no surprises when taxes are due.

Beginning with a fair and total valuation of you and your spouse’s assets, our experienced representatives can guide you through the entire financial and tax side of divorce. Whether maximizing the value of your asset division or making plans to retain specific assets, Liu & Associates will help you understand possible financial and tax consequences so that you can come to the appropriate settlement.  We will also help you to prepare any taxes filings after the separation of assets to ensure there are no errors on late filing or filing errors.

What can end up getting divided in a divorce or separating agreement?

  • Bank accounts
  • Jointly owned property, like vehicles and houses
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Physical assets: jewelry, electronics, art, furniture
  • Company and other business assets

Ultimately, our accounting and tax professionals can help you and your newly separated spouse gain a clear picture of your finances.