As a small business owner, no one understands your business better than you do – but doing everything on your own can be exhausting!

If you are ready to free up your valuable time, talk to Liu & Associates. Our expert accountants are ready to take care of all your financial needs so you can focus on what really matters:

Running your business.

Whether you are looking for advice on your business plan or going through a tax audit, the accountants at Liu & Associates can help!

small business accounting services

Small businesses have unique accounting needs. A small business accountant in Calgary and Edmonton can help you manage your business’s finances so you can concentrate on growing your dream!


Preparing taxes for your small business can be a complicated process. However, the longer you wait to file your return, the more obstacles and fines you will encounter along the way.

Talk to a professional corporate accountant who can address your taxation concerns and take the pressure off when it comes to tax returns and late tax filings.

We know how the CRA works and we understand the challenges that corporate taxes can cause.


Are you looking to grow your company or start a new one? Our chartered accountants in Alberta can help you put a strategic business plan in place to remove any uncertainty about your business’s future.

Many factors, such as markets, material costs, and expenses, can fluctuate and harm your company if you don’t have a business plan.

We can help you devise a strategic business plan to cover your business’s goals and values while optimizing your tax planning, developing accounting policies, and conducting a cost analysis.


Corporate structuring can provide you with the opportunity to examine your business models and put a plan in place that will help optimize your business for the long term!

If your business is expanding or refocusing, or you are bringing in new shareholders or becoming a publicly traded entity, Liu & Associates is the best accounting firm in Edmonton and Calgary to help you get the job done.

We can take the reigns if you switch corporate tax structures, change legal ownership, or strengthen your capital structures. Our team can also provide legal structuring advice to assist with financial distress and bankruptcy filings.


As part of our comprehensive package of accounting services that can be tailored to your needs, Liu & Associates offers payroll preparation services to minimize annual hassles.

Whether you have one employee or 50, do direct deposit or send cheques, we do it all to take the stress out of operating a small business.

By understanding your small business, Liu & Associates can tailor a payroll package to find the best solutions for your situation.


We understand that not all small businesses require an in-house corporate accountant to handle their finances – but all small businesses need accurate financial records!

Quickbooks is a popular accounting software program that can benefit your business and keep track of your financial health.

Liu & Associates is proud to offer QuickBooks training to help you fully understand this amazing software and more efficiently manage your business’s accounts.


No small business can operate successfully without organized and secure financial files. Liu & Associates respects bookkeeping as the foundation of corporate accounting.

We offer bookkeeping services and solutions to suit small businesses that reliably and efficiently accommodate monthly or annual bookkeeping needs.

From employee insurance policies to invoices and taxes, we can help support your small business!


You can trust our accounting firm in Edmonton and Calgary to fully understand your small business and help keep you organized.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Liu & Associates team of chartered accountants in Alberta can take care of your small business needs.