Trust Liu & Associates’ years of experience to help your business’ fiscal growth. We’re proud to support Alberta businesses with corporate accounting services in both Edmonton and Calgary. We believe in a personalized experience, which is why we customize our service offerings to best meet the needs of your company. Browse our corporate services below, or contact our team to learn how we can work with your business.

Businesses can easily get bogged down in tax minutia. Rules and regulations change from year to year. The professionals at Liu & Associates undergo contestant training to help you navigate and reduce tax leakage. See how we can help.  
Small businesses have unique accounting needs. Leave it to the professional at Liu & Associates so you can concentrate on growing your business.
Whether you need monthly bookkeeping services or assistance in setting up an accounting system, we can help you to efficiently keep track of your business to make tax reporting and year end filling simple.
Corporate tax returns can be far more complicated than personal returns. Let our team help you navigate the process and ensure that your business’ tax returns are filed correctly and accurately.   
Quickbooks is an all-in-one financial software system for businesses. No matter how large or small your business, we can help you benefit from this program. Whether you are new to the digital world, new to the accounting world or both, we can train you and your staff on Quickbooks.
Without a well organized bookkeeping system, your business’ financial records could be noncompliant and thus trigger a CRA audit.  Find out more on how we can help you with bookkeeping training and/set up to get you back on track.
Independent Contractors are faced with the daunting task of keeping track of their own financial records. Whether you’re a new contractor or have been at this for some time, find out how we can help with your books and tax filings. 
In order for a business to be successful, there needs to be a plan for growth as well as superior tax planning. Our tax & consulting department is well equipped and experienced to help you. 
The Canadian GST, or Goods & Services Tax, can be quite complicated across different profession and industries. The many rules and regulations can be challenging and we can help you manoeuvre it’s difficulties.
There is a big difference between owning a single house for personal use, purchasing numerous rental or commercial properties, and the buying and selling of land. Find out how Liu & Associates can help you.
If you or your corporation have years of unfiled tax returns, filled out the forms wrong, used wrong forms or are currently undergoing a tax audit, we can help
The accounting for a joint venture will depend on the level of control a participant holds over the venture.  Learn more!
When business partners or shareholders don’t see eye to eye, sometimes disputes can arise.  We can help!
Filing for corporate bankruptcy should be your last resort, and there are alternative available. Get guidance form the team of accountants at Liu & Associates.
Plan on selling, buying, or forming your own business? Let us help!
Whether you want to simplify or complicate the way that your business is organized, we will sit down with you, go over your financial records, and put the new structure or organization into place.
If you are a business owner, have missed the tax deadline of April 30th, you may not be in hot water just yet.