You might be a lifelong freelancer or maybe you are just setting out on your own now, doesn’t take long to realize how much finances and taxation factor into being self-employed.Whether your business is growing or just starting out, Liu & Associates can provide services that help you figure out what is what and get you on your way to attaining stability and success.

If self-employment is a new phase of your career, do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can work to build a financial and tax plan that will carry you to a profitable future. Liu & Associates can also take care of your business account registrations, fulfill CRA requirements and provide initial training for the entrepreneurs in understanding accounting and GST.

Remember: a quick assessment of your situation can mean increased efficiency and effectiveness of your financial records and decrease in tax leakage so do not hesitate to contact us! 

We will help you get set up with:

  • Incorporation and business tax identification (through the CRA) forms
  • Financial record keeping training
  • Quickbooks training and bookkeeping set up
  • Business planning advice
  • Help you with financial and tax projections to help you steer and plan your business.
  • Explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of financial decisions such as incorporation, forming partnerships, or even accepting contracts that come your way.

Prepare for the ups and downs of independent contracting and self-employment with a solid foundation from Liu & Associates. Working with us, your personal business will thrive in all situations thanks to sound financial planning.