Wills and estate plans are never easy to prepare.

Yet, we all know they are essential to passing on our legacies and making sure our lasting financial
wishes are carried out correctly and legally.

Whether you are dealing with a business, large or complex estate or other complicated matters, our
representatives at Liu & Associates can tailor a plan specific to your needs.

Let our professionals ease the difficulty of planning your will and estate.

The Many Aspects of Estates and Will Planning

Estates and will planning involves more than simply scrawling your final wishes onto a piece of paper
and having it signed by a lawyer.

In order to ensure that your final wishes are followed, and your family and loved ones are treated fairly,
there are many aspects to consider.

Liu & Associates is equipped to deal with any issues regarding will and estate planning, such as:

  • Estate valuation.
  • Tax elections.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Estate freeze.
  • Family trusts.
  • Asset transfers.

These are just a few of the issues involved when planning your will and estate.

Poorly Planned Wills

Businesses and large estates can be carved up by poorly planned wills and financial documents.

Will and estate planning is all about managing risks and taking control of your financial situation, even
after you have passed.

Without a proper estate and will plan in place, state and provincial laws (as well as the probate process)
will step in to determine where your assets go.

Ultimately, your choices can be superseded by the court system and not your family or loved ones.

Otherwise, you are creating the potential for an emotionally detrimental situation for those involved in
your life.

Remove all margin of error and have our professionals handle everything, down to the finest detail.

Updating Your Plan Over Time

Not only do you want to make sure that your will and estate planning covers all details pertaining to your
assets, but you want to ensure that these details are updated over time.

Estate planning isn’t a matter of setting it and forgetting it.

Consider the following situations in which your estate plan should be updated:

  • Major life events (such as marriage or the birth of a child).
  • Changes in relationships such as with the executor or beneficiaries.
  • Moving to a new location (where laws may vary).
  • The death of significant family members.
  • Changes in provincial or federal estate law.

Making these important changes doesn’t mean drafting an entirely new will or estate plan. A simple visit
with our estate experts will ensure that your will is up-to-date and accurate.

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Followed

Even beyond life, you want to make sure your last wishes are followed closely and faithfully.

Trust us at Liu & Associates with your financial will or estate plan and you can be 100% confident that
your wishes will be followed and your beneficiaries will be protected, legally and financially. Contact us today for more information!

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