4 Tips For Working With An Accountant

7 tips for working with an accountant4 Tips for Working With an Accountant

Like any professional relationship, it is key to understand that an accountant who works with you is more valuable than an accountant who simply works for you. Hiring an accountant does simplify certain financial realities and complications, but adding a small amount of effort on your part can lead to exponentially better results. Keep reading for Liu & Associates’ favourite tips for working efficiently and courteously with an accountant.


#4 Meet and greet. 

Like any product or service, it is important to determine the quality and fit of a financial professional before you invest in anything long-term. Build a list of potential accountants or bookkeepers by reading reviews or asking for recommendations– narrow this list down based on the size of your needs and any shared values. The best candidate should be happy to have your business while prioritizing your needs and acting in your best interest.

#3 Buyer beware.

Sometimes the first meeting with your first choice will go very well. And other times, it does not. It is important to know that if you are paying for accounting or bookkeeping services, you are not obligated to continue past that first appointment. Beware of high-pressure approaches and anything that seems “too good to be true.”

#2 Sharing is caring.

Financial records contain sensitive information, but encryption and privacy standards mean the entire industry has embraced the digital age. Not only is private cloud storage convenient and secure, but up-to-the-minute access to your data means a skilled accountant can compile, classify and coordinate your finances on the fly.

#1 Money talks.

Open and honest communication is a great tool in any relationship– financial professionals are no exception! If you have any questions or concerns about your finances, bring them up as soon as possible with your accountant so they can customize their services to your needs. Do not be afraid to offer constructive criticism, as long as it is delivered in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

While the tips above are useful, there are many more aspects to building an in-depth relationship with a financial professional such as a bookkeeper or accountant. Whether you are a small business client or a large-scale employer, do not hesitate to speak with Liu & Associates for guidance with your finance. Questions? Concerns? Contact us today!