How To Retire When You Want


We all know the value of saving money, but sometimes it is hard to think past short-term goals like a tropical vacation or designer clothes. When we do set our minds to the long-term goal of comfortable retirement, one question comes to the forefront: how much should we save?

While there is no single answer to that question, there are many strategies available to guide your financial planning towards a secure and fruitful retirement.


The traditional concept of retirement has transformed from a pension- and government-supported life beginning at the age of 65, to a dynamic process based on your place in the workforce and your ability to make the most of your savings. While it is true that more Canadians are staying in the workforce longer, career-based retirement benefits are on the decline and cost of living increases are outpacing income increases.

Circumstances vary person-to-person, but it is estimated the average Canadian will need hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain a comfortable retired life. This places a new importance on opening RRSP and tax-free savings accounts as early as possible, as well as other tactics such as leveraging current low interest rates into future savings.


Sound financial planning can make a major difference in your later years– for both you and your family. Securing your future by talking with a financial advisor can put your mind at ease now, while maximizing your chances to live out a stable and adventurous retirement. The earlier and more often you save, the better.

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