New COVID-19 Protocols

With the COVID-19 Pandemic is having unforeseen implications on Canadian taxes, we will be exercising extra precautions for the safety of our clients and staff.

We are asking our clients to follow these steps while in our offices:

  • There are clearly marked lines for social distancing for clients when speaking with reception;
  • We will limit face to face meetings when possible and use Teams/Facetime or WhatsApp to video chat with clients instead;
  • Clients will be guided directly to boardrooms when they come in for meetings;
  • Whenever possible, information to clients will be by email rather than mail or in person;
  • We will log all client visits for contact tracing purposes should it become necessary;
  • Clients will be prescreened before their appointments to ensure they are healthy and safe to visit our office. At the time of screening, we will give our message of encouragement to wear a mask for the appointment;
  • We have hand sanitizers and disposable masks for clients visiting the office;
  • We have trained our staff for distancing and COVID safety and have set up procedures to ensure we can effectively distance ourselves;
  • We require our staff to self-quarantine during illness and after illness for 14 days as well as for travel to hot spots or out of province;
  • We have a safe procedure for the dropping off of materials as well, materials stay in a holding area for 48 hours before handling;
  • Our high traffic areas are sanitized daily except for the reception area which is sanitized between client visits;
  • We are a mask friendly firm for our staffs much as for clients (We have homemade non-surgical masks for our staff and disposable masks for our clients);
  • We have been rotating our staff to mitigate risk;

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.  Please feel free to contact us should you have a special circumstance and require special arrangements.

To assist our clients, we have compiled a list of resources for both businesses and individuals. 

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services during this time.


Updated 06/02/2020