Whether you are starting a small business from scratch, taking over an existing company, or simply want to ensure that you have the right tools to manage your accounting records in place, you will want to speak to the Bookkeeping experts at Liu and Associates, LLP. We offer bookkeeping services to the Edmonton & Calgary area and bring years of diverse experience.

No business can be fully successful without organized and secure financial files.  Files that need to be readily accessible for events such as yearly tax filing, fulfilling corporate finance needs, or even projecting next month’s outlook. Liu & Associates respects bookkeeping as the foundation of professional accounting.  Liu & Associates can offer bookkeeping services and solutions to fit any size organization – from small business bookkeeping to more complex corporate needs. Our most basic bookkeeping services can reliably and efficiently accommodate monthly or annual bookkeeping for any sized business.Working with you, our representatives will cater their expertise to your business’ needs.

Bookkeepers help businesses keep track of:

  • Payroll
  • Employee insurance policies
  • Client invoices and payments
  • Physical assets, like property and goods
  • Bank statements and other monetary records
  • Taxes paid and due

Edmonton Bookkeeping Services

Unlike less comprehensive Edmonton bookkeeping services, we can also take care of monthly essentials like payroll preparation. Our bookkeeper services minimize annual hassles that can often be overlooked, like filing T4 records. From family businesses to corporate fleets, Liu & Associates LLP can help.

If you prefer to hire in-house bookkeepers for your business, Liu & Associates LLP can also provide training services customized to any scope or need. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals can train both one-on-one and group scenarios. Schedule regular brush-up seminars for staff or bring our CPA’s in on-demand, we can work together to find the right solution to your business needs.

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