No matter the circumstances or reasons why, tax audits are an intimidating process for anyone to endure.  An audit is rigorous and has many strict guidelines. Do not be caught off-guard, ensure your rights are observed and you are properly represented by professionals who can help you minimize tax consequences.  Bring your corporate tax audit situation to Liu & Associates for assistance and consultation. We have accountants in Edmonton and Calgary to help you navigate the process.

Once familiar with your needs and the specifics of the situation, our tax professionals will take lead of the situation and work with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf so as to come to as quick a conclusion as possible.  With us as the go-between and buffer, you will feel less stress so that you are able to focus on helping with the process, you can carry on with your life or business and at the same time, have your interests and rights be properly represented.

TAX Audit ASSESSMENTS Edmonton & Calgary

Our CPA’s will confirm and double-check all tax assessments for your business done by the CRA.


Appeals can be made to tax assessments. If you have received an assessment that indicates you owe tax money and are in arrears, and you believe there has been an error,  Liu & Associates can represent you to appeal a CRA tax assessment.


Once the corporate audit begins, our representatives will step in to take lead of the situation.  We will continue to work with the CRA for the entirety of the process.  Liu & Associates will liaise with you and update you on any developments so that you can carry on with your life or business, focus on helping with the process while at the same time have your interests and rights represented.


Liu & Associates will negotiate any audit client’s settlement with the CRA so that reasonable arrangements are made.

STRESS-FREE Corporate Taxes

Even after the settlement is negotiated and a payment schedule is in place, our firm can continue to deal with collections agents directly until the completion of the plan.

Liu & Associates is prepared to handle all of your heavy lifting if you are facing an audit. If you are currently undergoing a tax audit or if you feel you are at risk of being audited by CRA, contact us for a consultation or assessment.

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