GST got you baffled?  Not sure how, when or what to file for GST?  Didn’t even know you had to file?

GST filings can be a confusing shot in the dark ordeal if you have never dealt with it before and it can be time-consuming process if you have not kept precise records throughout the fiscal year. Employing our services will keep up-to-date GST amounts easy for regular access and for filing at tax time. The reliable financial information that we at Liu & Associates provide can be essential to a business of any size, especially when taxes are due.

Starting a new business? Our experts can help establish your finances on solid ground by designing a corporate GST plan with clear guidelines and simple processes. Ensure your business is ready and GST compliant by having Liu & Associates look after your GST registration and provide you with consultation about GST filings.

If you are undergoing a GST audit by Canada Revenue Agency or if you have been through an audit and feel you do not agree with CRA’s assessments or what ever your situation, Liu & Associates can step in and take charge to help you through this process.